You may have noticed that two weekends ago we had shorter hours for a very special reason…

As Sara S said, ‘The beauty of being a small business is the way the staff really does become a family.’ We were so thrilled to be able to take some time off to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful people — Julie and Steven.

If you know the Sow’s Ear you know Julie’s smiling face, she’s been a barista and a knitter for many years. What you may not know is that she was introduced to Steven by one of our regular customers, and that they met for the first time in the Sow’s Ear cafe.

It’s a pretty epic community-supported love story, so please join us in wishing all the best to Julie and Steven! Julie, we at the Sow’s Ear are so happy and proud to call ourselves your work family. We’re sending you into this next stage of your life with all our best hopes for the joy and happiness that you and Steven will bring to one another. Congratulations!