Hello, fiber friends!

This post is a bit of a placeholder, just a spot for us to stick the links that we are going to reference in tonight’s Instagram Live chat about hacking our way through the Fossil Frenzy Tee!

Thanks to all who joined in live or watched us after the fact! We’d love to hear from you with any questions, you can reach out by commenting on the instagram post or emailing Rose at news@brian

Kaylin’s Links

The pattern that started it all: the Fossil Frenzy Tee by Mary P Hunt.

The pattern Kaylin decided to use: the Cozy Classic Light by Jessie Mae.

The pattern that teaches the technique she used to catch the loooong floats in the colorwork chart: It’s Not About the Hat by Susan Rainey.

Kaylin made her sweater with Berroco Ultra Wool Fine, which is available through our website (but not in-store).

Kaylin used size 5 needles for the body of her sweater and 4s for the ribbing, and did not change needles for the colorwork.

Kaylin’s Ravelry Project Page.

AJ’s Links

The pattern AJ decided to use: Elphaba by Mary Annarella.

The method AJ uses for catching floats is here on YouTube.

AJ used a fingering weight yarn that we don’t carry, but recommends Camp Color, which we do!

AJ used size 3 needles all over, and did not change for the colorwork. Her gauge is 26 stitches over 4″.

AJ’s Ravelry Project Page (which will be updated soon).

Rose’s Links

The pattern Rose decided to use: a combination of the Rift by Jacqueline Cieslak and the Navelli by Caitlin Hunter.

The method Rose uses for catching floats: The Fossil designer linked to this YouTube video in her pattern and Rose (who usually does the “weaving” method) decided to try the “twisting” method for this project.

Rose is knitting with Meadow by The Fibre Co.

Rose used size 5 needles for the body and size 4s for the hem, and did not change needle size for the colorwork. Her gauge is 26 stitches over 4″.

Rose’s Ravelry Project Page (which is currently a mess but will be updated soon).